Step-by-Step Guide for Manual Agent Installation on Windows, Linux, and Mac Hosts | Vembu BDR Backup Server

Manual Agent Installation: Adding Hosts (Windows/Linux/Mac) to BDRSuite Backup Server

KB ID: 115202
This knowledge base article provides step-by-step instructions for manually installing the BDRSuite Backup Agent (BBA) on various host operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac) to establish connections with the BDRSuite Backup Server.
BDRSuite Backup Agent (BBA) Overview:
BDRSuite Backup Agent (BBA) operates with the service name "BDRSuite Delegation Service (BDS)" and is a crucial component for efficient backup operations. It must be installed on the respective backup hosts running Windows, Linux, or Mac systems.
Installation Steps for Individual Backup Hosts:
Windows and Linux Hosts:
1. Download the appropriate BDRSuite Backup Agent (BBA) version for the host OS (Windows or Linux) from the backup server console.
2. Run the BBA setup file on the backup host and follow the on-screen instructions for installation.
3. During installation, provide necessary information including Display Name, Backup Server DNS Name/IP Address, Backup Type, and Reboot Option 
Display Name: Enter a name to identify the host in the backup server.
Backup Server DNS Name/IP Address: Enter the BDRSuite Backup Servers's DNS Name/IP Address to register this host with the backup server.
Choose Backup Type and Reboot Option: Choose the appropriate backup type and reboot option from the following choices based on your preferences: (Applicable only for Windows Installer)
  1. No disk image backup required for this host. (Note: You can use this installation for Files/Folders Backup, Integration Service for Hyper-V Backup, and/or Backup Proxy for VMware)
  2. Disk image backup required for this host. Automatically reboot the host immediately. (Note: The changed block tracking (CBT) driver for disk image backup will be installed and the host will reboot immediately after installation)
  3. Disk image backup required for this host. I will manually reboot the host later. (Note: The changed block tracking (CBT) driver for disk image backup will be installed and disk image backups will only be successful after a manual reboot)
4. Upon successful installation, the agent will establish an automatic connection with the backup server.
Mac Hosts:
1. Download the Mac version of BDRSuite Backup Agent (BBA) from the backup server console.
2. Execute the command below on the Mac backup host:
sudo sh BDRSuite_Delegation_Service_5_6_0_2_U2_IMac_arm64.bin "Enter Backup Server IP Address/DNS Name"
3. The agent will establish an automatic connection and register the Mac host with the backup server.
Bulk Installation of BDRSuite Backup Agent (BBA):
  1. Download BBA and use the provided commands to install it on multiple backup hosts simultaneously, based on your desired backup type and reboot option.
Connection Establishment Between Backup Host and Backup Server:
1. Successful connection status is displayed as 'Idle' on the backup host in the BDRSuite Server.
2. If not connected, ensure BBA (BDRSuite Delegation Service) is installed and running.
3. BBA uses port 32005; check firewall rules to ensure communication.
4. For detailed error resolution, refer to logs located in specific directories for both backup host and server.
Troubleshooting Common Issues:
- Error 117073: Host not found – Add host details in Data Sources menu.
- Error 117074: Unable to connect to server – Specify correct backup server IP/DNS.
- Error 117076: Incompatible BDS version – Ensure BDS matches or is lower than Server.
- Error 117072: Duplicate BIOS UUID – Only hosts with unique BIOS UUID can be added.
- Error 117011: Unsupported OS – Check supported OS list.
If connection issues persist, contact support at for assistance.