Increasing Storage Space on Existing Volume - BDRSuite VMware Virtual Appliance

Increasing Storage Space on Existing Volume - BDRSuite VMware Virtual Appliance

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IT Administrators deploying BDRSuite Backup Server on VMware VM using the BDRSuite VMware Virtual Appliance often start with a 1 or 2 TB volume for storage. As data grows, there might be a need to expand the disk to accommodate more backup data.
Follow these steps to increase the storage space of an existing storage volume:
1. Stop Services:
  1. Login to the BDRSuite machine.
  2. Stop BDRSuite, MySQL, and Mongo services using the following commands:
     /etc/init.d/mysql stop
     /etc/init.d/mongo stop
     /etc/init.d/vembubdr stop
2. Power Off VM:
Power off the BDRSuite Backup Server VM from the VMware vSphere Client.
3. Edit VM Settings:
  1. Right-click the VM and select "Edit Settings."
  2. Choose the exact hard disk and increase the provisioned storage size according to your requirements. 
 Note: VMware vSphere allows users to Hot-Add storage size up to 2 TB without powering off the VM.
  1. Save the configuration and power on the VM.
4. Terminal Commands:
  1. Login to the VM and open the terminal.
  2. Switch to sudo user and run the following command to check if the increased storage size updated properly:
       cat /proc/partitions
  1. Then run the below command to resize the existing storage volume. Until you run this command, the increased storage will not be allocated to the mount point.
       resize2fs /dev/sdb
                  For Example: `resize2fs /dev/sdb`
  1. This process may take time based on the used data.
5. Verification
Verify the changes by checking the disk space using the "df" command:
  df -a
6. Start Services:
Start Vembu BDR, MySQL, and Mongo services using the following commands:
     /etc/init.d/mysql start
     /etc/init.d/mongo start
     /etc/init.d/vembubdr start
7. Check User Interface:
Login and check the Vembu BDR backup server user interface to ensure proper functionality.

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