Troubleshooting Backup Data Upload Error to Object Storage Repository

Error Encountered During Backup Data Upload to Object Storage Repository

KB ID: 190018
This error arises when there is a problem uploading backup data from the local cache to the object storage. It can be attributed to one of the following factors:
1. Connectivity issues between the BDR Backup Server/Offsite DR Server and the Object Storage.
2. Insufficient space, particularly in the case of S3 Compatible storage.
1. Addressing Connectivity Issues:
  1. Ensure that there is a stable internet connection for accessing the object storage.
  2. Confirm that you have provided valid object storage credentials and that these credentials have the necessary permissions to access the object storage.
  3. Test manual access to the object storage from the server using the provided credentials to ensure connectivity.
2. Dealing with Insufficient Storage Space (S3 Compatible):
  1. Manually check whether the S3 bucket configured as an Object Storage Repository has adequate space to accommodate the backup data.
3. Escalate the Issue to Support:
  1. If the problem persists even after verifying the above details, please contact our Support Team by sending an email to `` and include a compressed zip file containing the log folder.
This knowledge base article offers guidance on resolving errors encountered when uploading backup data to the Object Storage Repository for Vembu-BDR-Backup-Server and Vembu-Offsite-DR products.