Fix Restore Operation Failure: Unable to Retrieve Data from Object Storage Repository

Restore operation failed due to the inability to retrieve data from the Object Storage Repository.

KB ID: 190017
This problem arises when the BDR Backup Server or Offsite DR Server encounters difficulty in accessing data from the designated Object Storage Repository. This can be attributed to one of the following factors:
1. Connectivity issues between the respective server and the Object Storage.
2. Firewall or antivirus tools that are preventing communication with the Object Storage.
1. Addressing Connectivity Issues:
  1. Ensure that there is a stable internet connection for accessing the object storage.
  2. Verify that valid credentials for the object storage have been provided, and that these credentials have the necessary permissions to access the storage. You can test this by attempting manual access to the object storage using the provided credentials from your machine.
2. Dealing with Firewall and Antivirus Tools:
  1. Examine the firewall and antivirus rules to confirm if they are blocking responses from the Object Storage.
  2. Review the configuration of the Object Storage Repository service endpoint. If it is configured to use HTTP, consider changing it to HTTPS, as HTTP may sometimes hinder data retrieval from object storage. For instance, if the current Service Endpoint is `http://s3.<region>`, modify it to `https://s3.<region>`.
  3. Inspect the firewall rules on the server machine to check for any settings that might obstruct data retrieval from the object storage. If necessary, add exceptions for the respective BDR Backup/Offsite DR service and executables to the firewall and antivirus exception lists.
3. Escalate the Issue to Support:
  1. If the problem persists after following the above steps, gather the log folder and send it as a compressed zip file to our support team via email at ``.
This knowledge base article provides guidance on resolving the issue where a restore operation fails due to the inability to fetch data from the Object Storage Repository for BDRSuite Backup Server and BDRSuite-Offsite-DR products.