Troubleshooting NFS Datastore Creation Failure for Boot Check

Unable to Perform Boot Check due to NFS Datastore Creation Failure

KB ID: 131024
During the Boot Check process, the BDRSuite Backup Server or Offsite DR Server attempts to create a temporary NFS datastore on the target ESXi host. If the creation of the NFS datastore fails on the target ESXi host, it can be attributed to the following reasons, leading to a boot check failure:
1. The BDRSuite Virtual Drive is not accessible on the BDRSuite Backup Server or Offsite DR Server.
2. A previously attached temporary datastore was not correctly unmounted from the target ESXi.
Cause 1:
To resolve this issue, ensure the following:
  1. Run the BDRSuite Service using an administrator account.
  2. Verify that the VembuBDR folder in the installation location has adequate permissions. You can locate the VembuBDR folder at `<installation location>\Vembu\VembuBDR`. For example: `C:\Program Files\Vembu\VembuBDR`.
Cause 2:
If a previously created datastore was not removed properly, you need to manually delete it. Here are the steps to do so:
  1. Identify the datastore created for boot check, which follows the format `VembuBDR_<BDR ID>`.
For example: if the BDR ID is "backupserver1," the created datastore's name will be `VembuBDR_backupserver1`.
  1. Remove this datastore manually to address the issue.

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