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Adding Windows/Linux Host with Manual BBA Installation

KB ID: 115200
When integrating Windows/Linux hosts into the BDRSuite Backup Server environment, the BDRSuite Backup Agent (BBA) is a critical component required for seamless backup operations. This article outlines the procedure to add hosts and manually install the BBA on the target hosts.
Before proceeding, ensure you have administrative access to both the Vembu-BDR-Backup-Server and the target Windows/Linux host.
Steps to Add Windows/Linux Host with Manual BBA Installation:
1. Navigate to the Appropriate Section:
  1. From the main menu tab (VMware/Hyper-V/Windows/Linux), access the menu: Data Sources.
  2. Choose either "Add Microsoft Windows" or "Add Linux" depending on the host type.
2. Enter Host Details:
  1. Provide the necessary details for the target Windows/Linux host.
  2. Save the information to the BDRSuite Backup Server/Client.
3. Download and Install BDRSuite Backup Agent (BBA):
   For Windows Hosts:
  1. Download the appropriate BDRSuite Backup Agent (BBA) version for the host OS from the backup server console. and run it as an Administrator.
  2. Accept the License Agreement and enter a unique BDR ID to identify the Windows host.
  3. Review the installation settings, click 'Install', and complete the installation.
   For Linux Hosts:
  1. Log in as the Root User on the target Linux host.
  2. Copy the BBA installer link and use the 'wget' command to download it.
  3. Extract the downloaded Zip file and execute the bin file according to your Linux distribution.
    1. Debian Linux:
      1.  unzip
      2. `./BDRSuite_Delegation_Service_5_6_0_1_U1_DBN.bin`
    2. Red Hat Linux:
      1.  unzip
      2. `./BDRSuite_Delegation_Service_5_6_0_1_U1_RH.bin`
4. Register BBA with BDRSuite Backup Server:
  1.  Click the 'Register BBA' button next to the added host under the 'Data Sources' menu.
  2.  This establishes a connection between the target host and the BDRSuite Backup Server/Client.
5. Configure Backups:
  1. Once the connection is established and the BBA is registered, you can configure backups for the successfully connected Windows/Linux hosts.
By following these steps, you can successfully add Windows/Linux hosts to the BDR Backup Server environment and manually install the BDRSuite Backup Agent (BBA) to ensure efficient backup operations.