Troubleshooting VM Snapshot Creation Issues in Vembu Backup and Replication for VMware

Troubleshooting VM Snapshot Creation Issues in Vembu Backup and Replication for VMware

KB ID: 105010
Encountering difficulties in creating VM snapshots using BDRSuite Backup and Replication for VMware, particularly during the process of snapshot creation for VMs set up for backup or replication. The error message indicates the precise cause of the failure.
This issue arises within the context of VMware snapshot creation facilitated by BDRSuite Backup & Replication for VMware. Common causes for this problem include:
1. Snapshot file size surpasses available free space in the VM's datastore.
2. Outdated VMware Tools within the guest VM.
3. Lock on the VM's virtual disk.
4. Necessity for VM snapshot consolidation.
5. Error while quiescing the VM.
6. Exceeding the maximum supported snapshot count (32 snapshots) in VMware.
Each of these causes pertains to VMware snapshot creation and can be resolved by referring to relevant resources. VMware's knowledge base provides comprehensive troubleshooting steps:
1. For snapshot file size issues, consult VMware KB article:
2. For updating VMware Tools, refer to VMware KB article:
3. To address locked virtual disks, consult VMware KB article:
4. VM requiring snapshot consolidation can be managed with VMware KB article:
5. For errors during VM quiescing, refer to BDRSuite KB article:
6. Maximum snapshot count concerns are covered in VMware KB article:
Upon resolving the issue using the provided solutions, you can manually test snapshot creation:
Manual Snapshot Creation Steps:
1. Access your ESXi host and locate the VM designated for backup.
2. Right-click the VM, navigate to Snapshot > Take Snapshot.
3. Assign a Name and Description for the snapshot. Choose 'Quiesce guest file system (needs VMware tools installed)' to ensure VM quiescence during snapshot creation.
4. Click Take Snapshot to finalize the process.
If manual snapshot creation is successful, and backup failures persist, please reach out to BDRSuite support ( with the error message screenshot and log files from the BDRSuite Backup Server.
Log Location: <Installation Location>/vembu/vembuBDR/log

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