Fixing VM Snapshot Creation Issue - BDRSuite for VMware

Unable to Create VM Snapshot - BDRSuite for VMware

KB ID: 105010
When using BDRSuite Backup for VMware, you may encounter issues while creating snapshots for VMs configured for backup or replication. The error messages provide insights into the specific reasons for the failure. Common causes of this issue include:
1. The size of the snapshot file exceeds the available free space in the datastore where the VM is located.
2. Outdated VMware Tools installed in the guest VM.
3. The VM's virtual disk is locked.
4. The VM requires snapshot consolidation.
5. Errors during the VM quiescing process.
6. The snapshot count for the VM has reached the maximum limit (32 snapshots, as supported by VMware).
These causes are specific to VMware snapshot creation, and VMware provides troubleshooting steps in its knowledge base section. Here are the links to VMware's knowledge base for each of the causes:
1. If the snapshot file size is larger than the supported maximum, refer to VMware KB article:
2. If VMware Tools is not up to date, refer to VMware KB article:
3. If the VM's virtual disk is locked, refer to VMware KB article:
4. If the VM requires snapshot consolidation, refer to VMware KB article:
5. If there is an error while quiescing the VM snapshot, refer to Vembu KB article:
6. If the snapshot count has reached the maximum value, refer to VMware KB article:
After implementing the solutions from the respective KB articles, manually test the snapshot creation following these steps:
1. On your ESXi host, locate the VM configured for backup.
2. Right-click the VM, select Snapshot > Take Snapshot.
3. Provide a Name and Description for the snapshot and check the 'Quiesce guest file system (needs VMware tools installed)' option for VM application consistency.
4. Click Take Snapshot.
If you successfully create a manual snapshot but still experience backup failures, contact BDRSuite support at with the error message screenshot and log files of the BDRSuite Backup Server. Log location: <installation Location>/vembu/vembuBDR/log.

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