BDRSuite Disk Image Backup Failure: Source Disk Order / Volume GUID Change

Source Disk Order / Volume GUID Change Causing Incremental Backup Failure in BDRSuite Disk image Image backups

KB ID: 103002


Incremental backup schedules may fail for Disk image backups in BDRSuite when the source disk order or Volume GUID has been altered between incremental backups. This can occur under the following scenarios:
  1. Dual booting multiple copies of Windows that access the same drive.
  2. Using a volume on a shared disk in a cluster where multiple nodes have accessed the volume.
  3. Moving the disk hosting the volume from one computer to another.
  4. In a SAN environment where the volume was assigned to multiple instances of Windows.


To resolve this issue, follow the steps below:

  1. Revert any changes made in disk management that may have altered the source disk order or Volume GUID.
  2. Try scheduling the backup job again to check if the backup result is successful.

If the issue persists:

  1. Delete the previously configured backup job.
  2. Configure a new backup job with the correct source disk. This will enable the Vembu ImageBackup client to track the changes made on the disk and ensure a successful backup without any issues.
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