Incremental Backup Failure Due to Volume Without Drive Letter

Volume without a Drive Letter Causes Incremental Backup Failure

KB ID: 103001
When attempting to perform Disk image incremental backups with BDRSuite, the process fails, displaying the error message: 'Volume without drive letter cannot be backed up incrementally. Incremental backup failed
The incremental backup schedules for Disk Image Backup may fail if the backup volume is not assigned any drive letter.
To ensure successful incremental backups, follow these steps:
  1. Assign a Drive Letter: Make sure to assign a drive letter to the volume you wish to back up incrementally.
  2. Schedule the Backup: After assigning the drive letter, schedule the backup process as required.
  3. Verify Backup Result: Once the backup has completed, check the backup result to ensure it was successful.
Additional Information:
For the incremental backup schedule to succeed, drive letters are essential for Data and OS partitions. However, for the system reserved partition, drive letters are not necessary. Keep this in mind when configuring your backup settings to avoid any potential issues.