Troubleshooting Guide: BDRSuite Backup Failed - Internal File System Error

Troubleshooting Guide: BDRSuite Backup Failed - Internal File System Error

KB ID: 102180
Backup operations have failed due to an internal file system error within BDRSuite. This error occurs when a specific backup job in BDRSuite possesses a negative chunk file ID value, resulting in job failure.
The failure of a backup job is attributed to the presence of a negative chunk file ID value associated with that particular backup job in the BDRSuite system.
To address this issue effectively, it is strongly advised to promptly contact the BDRSuite Support team at for comprehensive troubleshooting and further assistance in resolving the internal file system error within BDRSuite. Their expert support will guide you through the necessary steps to rectify this problem and ensure successful backup operations.

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