Troubleshooting: BDRSuite Backup Server Can't Reach Host

The Host is not reachable from BDRSuite Backup Server

KB ID: 101050
When attempting to browse files and folders, the error message below is encountered:
The Host, `<HostName/IP address>`, is not reachable from the BDRSuite Backup Server. To resolve this issue, please follow the instructions provided below. Alternatively, you can manually specify the absolute path to the files/folders in the text field 'Specify the path to a file/folder' and add them for backup.
To successfully browse the files and folders on the source machine from the BDRSuite Backup Server, ensure the following conditions are met:
1) Ensure the Agent is Running on the Source Machine:
Verify if the 'BDRSuite Delegation Service' is running on the source machine. If it's not running, attempt to start it manually and confirm its status.
2) Verify Reachability of the Source Machine from the BDRSuite Backup Server:
To test the connectivity between the source machine and the BDRSuite Backup Server, execute the following command on the BDRSuite Backup Server:
     telnet <IP_Address/Host_name_Of_Source_Machine> 42005
If the 'telnet' command is not found on your machine, you can use the following PowerShell command to check connectivity:
      Test-NetConnection -ComputerName <IP_Address/Host_name_Of_Source_Machine> -Port 42005
If the command results in failure, examine the connectivity and firewall configuration settings on both the source and backup server machines. If the source machine is remote or unreachable, you can manually enter the file/folder path and proceed with the backup configuration.
Note: You can obtain the IP address or host name of the source machine from the 'Data Sources' page where machines are added. The default port used by the agent is 42005.