Resolving Issues with Accessing Configured Volumes in Vembu BDR Backup Server Cluster's Backup Repository

Troubleshooting Inability to Access Configured Volumes in the Backup Repository for BDRSuite Backup Server Cluster

KB ID: 101040
Users encounter issues related to the inability to access volumes configured within the backup repository of BDRSuite Backup Server Cluster.
1. Cluster Setup and Volume Accessibility:
   Backup failures may occur if the sub-node lacks access to the volumes that are configured in the backup repository.
2. Inaccessible Network Drive:
   Backup failures can result from the network drive specified in the backup repository configuration being inaccessible.
3. Backup Connection Under Local System Account:
   When the backup connects to a sub-node running under a local system account, backup operations will fail.
Cause 1: Cluster Setup and Volume Accessibility
To address this issue, it is recommended to incorporate the storage volumes as Network Drives using the "Add Network Drive as Storage Volume" option within the BDRSuite Server designated as the backup repository.
1. Navigate to Backup Server → Backup Repository → Block Storage → Manage Network Drive → Add Network Drive as Storage Volume.  
2. Enter the Drive Path, Display Drive Name, Username, and Password. Save the information.

 3. The added Network Drive will be displayed accordingly.   

4. Proceed to Block Storage → Create New Block Storage Repository, and select the added Network Drive. Create the repository.  
Ensure that all volumes configured in the backup repository are manually mounted or mapped across all sub-nodes. This is essential for the sub-nodes to properly identify the storage volumes, preventing backup failures.
To Mount/Map the Network drive navigate to File Explorer, under Computer tab click "Map Network Drive".
image description
While Mapping Network Drive in File Explorer, make sure to enter the same Drive Letter provided in "Add Network Drive as Storage Volume" in BDRSuite.
image description
Only the Network Drive that you have mapped will be attached and shown in the File Explorer. Follow the same procedure for all the Sub nodes.
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Cause 2: Inaccessible Network Drive
Verify the accessibility of the Network Drive added within the BDRSuite Server UI.
Cause 3: Service Logon Account Modification
In each node of the cluster, alter the service logon account for the respective BDRSuite Service, whether 'BDRSuite Backup Server for Virtual Physical Workloads' (up to v52) or 'BDRSuite Backup Server Virtual Physical Workloads' (from v53), to run under an administrator user account.
1. Open the Run window by pressing 'Win + R' keys.
2. Type 'services.msc' and click OK.
3. Right-click on the designated service and select 'Properties'.
4. Proceed to the 'Logon' tab, select the 'This account' radio button, and provide administrator user credentials in the format: .\username. Click OK.
5. Stop and restart the service to apply the updated logon settings.