Release Notes - BDRSuite v5.2.0

Release Notes - BDRSuite v5.2.0


The BDRSuite v5.2.0 offers centralized access to additional MSP features, providing users with an enhanced experience. This comprehensive Backup & DR solution is designed to safeguard critical data for Virtual, Physical, Cloud Workloads, and SaaS Applications.

New Features in BDRSuite v5.2.0

Restore to Microsoft Azure
BDRSuite now allows restoring the VMware VMs, Hyper-V VMs, Windows Servers & Windows Workstations backups to Microsoft Azure. You can initiate the restore directly from your BDRSuite Backup Server and Offsite DR Server.  

BDRSuite 360 Server
The BDRSuite 360 Server enables customers and service providers to monitor the backup activity of the BDRSuite Backup Servers deployed on their customer locations across multiple sites from a centralized web-based console. 

The multitenancy architecture of BDRSuite is redesigned to support advanced use cases of MSPs. You can now create multiple tenants and allocate one or more entities to each tenant. Every tenant will get multiple user roles to monitor and manage all the entities added under them.

Enhancements in BDRSuite v5.2.0

  1. Improved application creation steps to add Microsoft 365 accounts to BDRSuite.
  2. On-demand backup scheduling for Microsoft 365 backups.

  3. Enhanced backup progress window for Microsoft 365 backups.

  4. Enhanced backup report for Microsoft 365 backups.

  5. Subfolder tree view for Microsoft 365 Mailbox.

  6. Subfolder tree view for OneDrive.

  7. Subfolder tree view for Group OneDrive.

  8. User-level backup report for Microsoft-365.

  9. PST Download of Microsoft 365 now supports all Microsoft Outlook versions.

  10. On-demand backup scheduling for Google Workspace backups.
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